The Ideal Time to Travel Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the largest tropical island in the South of Vietnam that is also known as one of the best destinations in Vietnam traveling map. Surrounded with an amazing sandy beach that was once voted as “The Most Cleanest and Beautiful Beach of World” by reputable magazines in 2008, the island also offers the best seafood in the country with reasonable prices. In addition to the beautiful beach, this island also has many mountains and dense forests, which were a part of Kien Giang – a World Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESSCO in 2006.

Phu Quoc fascinates domestic and international tourists with many interesting activities, such as going out on a boat at night to fish some squids by yourself, or visiting Phu Quoc National Park to see rare animals and plants. As a tropical island, Phu Quoc has the climate changing throughout the year. It is worthwhile for tourist to anticipate what kind of weather can occur in Phu Quoc Island before going there. In fact, Phu Quoc has three main seasons: High, Shoulder and Low season.

High Season – from November to March

Phu Quoc Island via Agoda

This season can be considered as the best time to visit Phu Quoc, since the weather is really mild and comfortable. The temperature in these months is usually around 25-28 Celsius and the humidity remains at the low level and the sky is clearly sunny, making it a great time to visit the island. Because this is the best season to visit Phu Quoc, there are many tourists going there, so you need to book the tours and hotels in advance; otherwise, there is no available room for you.

Shoulder Season – From April to June

It’s also a good time for visiting Phu Quoc since there are less crowds, cheaper price and fairly good weather. However, April and May could be hottest months of the year with average temperature of 32 Celsius as well as the humidity around 80%. It is suggested that tourists should book rooms with air conditioner and stay close to the beach to avoid the heat.

Low Season – from July to September

Phu Quoc Island via GRANDPAcking

This is monsoon season in this island, when the weather is wet and rainy. The rains can last some hours, making the red dirt roads more slippery and even impossible to pass. Thus, this season is not recommended for visiting Phu Quoc Island.


The best months for visibility as you would expect are in the dry season, however visibility is still relatively consistent through out the year. If your looking at scuba diving during your visit to Phu Quoc, the best months are during the high to off peak tourist season from November through to April when rainfall and cloud cover are lower than the rain swept monsoon season.

To have a perfect trip to Phu Quoc island, prepare for your trip from timing. For more information about travel tips in Phu Quoc. please visit our website.