Best Attractions in Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc is known as the pearl island for its beatiful beaches and pristine forest land. The island is the largest island in Vietnam, formed in Kien Giang Province, located in the Southwest of the country, being about 120km from Rach Gia. With the beautiful weather, calm sea, and a few rainy days,… Phu Quoc is the ideal destination for those who seek for a fantasic haven.

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Eastern Island

1. Dinh Cau is located on a cliff in a turtle shape facing the sea, 200m from Duong Dong bustling town. Dinh Cau is the holy place to the people on the island where is the top place to be discovered.

2. Ham Ninh fishing village is an ancient village nestled at the foot of Ham Ninh towering mountains, facing the immense sea. Come to Ham Ninh you will experience life intacting pristine rustic cottages with bamboo walls, and warm hearted people here.

3. Tranh stream is a famous tourist resort in Phu Quoc closed to Duong Dong town center 9km. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque charming natural or immerse in fresh and cool water, and even surrounded by green trees and fragrant grass…

4. Phu Quoc fish sauce craft village where produce excellent fish sauce, which are popular in Vietnam and around the world. Coming to the village, you will be overwhelmed by the massive system of barrel house producing millions of liters of fish sauce every year.

Fish Sauce Barrels via Progressive Traveller

Northern island

5. Phu Quoc ridgeback dog camp is a place fostering the extremely precious and rare ridgeback dog which are endemic to Phu Quoc. The dog was dubbed the “West Fire wolf” or “dog king”. Ridgebacks are famous for muscular body with bouncing breasts, and slim waist. Especially by owning the webbed feet like ducks, they have very good swimming ability.

6. Phu Quoc Pepper Garden, tourist can easily find out and visit the garden on the way to the north of the island, it is the largest pepper garden in the Mekong River delta. Pepper planted in Phu Quoc especially red pepper is extremely spicy and strong flavor than pepper grown in other countries, so this place is also known as the “kingdom of pepper.”

7. Phu Quoc National Park is one of the few National Parks of South remains intact primeval jungle, where even converging with the natural beauty of forests, ocean, streams, waterfalls mountains, and hills. Phu Quoc Nation Park has proved itself to be the good destination, an extremely interesting places that tourists should not miss when coming to the island.

8. Ganh Dau is a very attractive tourist destination of Phu Quoc by natural characteristic of pristine mountains and forests, with gentle patting green waves, seen the bottom through pure water, the beach curving crescent moon shape with fine sand stretched for kilometers creating a peaceful scene, dispelling tiredness of the long journey of tourists.

Ganh Dau Beach via Phu Quoc For You

Southern island

9. Exhibition areas and pearl farming on Phu Quoc. With the favorable conditions bestowed, Phu Quoc is the birthplace of the best pearls in the world. Visitors will have been stunned by the beautiful iridescent pearls from the essence of the sea and Phu Quoc.

10. Phu Quoc prison (or Coconut Tree prision) is a part of Vietnam history, a relic exhibiting many objects showing about Vietnamese prisoners suffering from French and American rule that you should not visit if you are timid. This prison is the place to detain Vietnamese revolutionary fighters. It has ever detained 40,000 soldiers. The prision used barbaric medieval forms of torture for important Vietnamese political prisoners such as: perforated teeth, tiger cages, crucified, baked, or buried alive …

11. Bai Sao beach (Star beach) in An Thoi town is the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc Island, was considered one of the beautiful and pristine beaches in the world with fresh cool air from the sea and the white smooth as cream sandy beach, gently curved shape moon over 7km stretch what indisputably make the beach becoming the best beach all over the island.

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