Impression of Phu Quoc Island Tour 5D/4N


For travelers, Phu Quoc Island offers opportunity to relax on the beach, join in sea sport activities, explore the countryside flavor, amazed at the wildlife and enjoy a sumptuous seafood with affordable price.

>>2-day Tour between Saigon and Phu Quoc

Day 1: Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc Island

In the morning: our car and tour guide will meet the tourists at Phu Quoc Airport, take the tourists to the hotels by cars, make room receiving procedure repose, beach sightseeing at the hotel (or idyllic sea resort), have lunch.

In the aternoon: Free time for relaxing/own activities at your request or visit Da Ban Stream. Visit Phu Quoc traditional fish sauce manufacturing establishment.

Fish sauce manufacturer on Phu Quoc (via Phu Quoc Island Travel)

Day 2: Visit the East of the Island

  • Visit Su Muon Pagoda (Hung Long Tu).
  • Visit Ham Ninh ancient Seine Village( Study the life of the fishermen)
  • Visit Suoi Tranh Resort, take a bath in the stream (from May to November)
  • Visit Sim wine manufacturing establishment, enjoy Sim wine.
  • Visit Dinh Cau –  symbol of  creed of  inhabitants in the island.
  • Have dinner, come back to the hotel
  • The tourists explore the Island freely in the evening

Day 3: Visit the South of Island – Go fishing, Snorkeling – Observing Coral reefs

Snorkeling on Phu Quoc Island (via Phú Quốc Xanh)
  • Have breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit Coi Nguon art exhibition
  • Visit dog farm with back swirled dogs famous for wise
  • Study techniques for raising oysters and taking pearls at Australia pearl artificial raising establishment
  • Visit revolutionary relic Phu Quoc prison
  • Visit Fish Port and An Thoi dried fish market
  • Visit the archipelago in the South on a boat, the tourists can observe 12 islands which are various in size, go fishing at the big islands such as: Hon Dua, Hon Thom, Hon Roi (taste the grilled fish in the uninhabited Island
  • Have lunch on the boat or in the uninhabited Island
  • Snorkling, observing the colorful coral reefs at Da Trao snout, seabathing at the uninhabited Island.
  • The boat will take the tourists back to the land, the cars will take the tourists to famous Bai Sao beach to visit, photograph and seabathing.
  • Return to the Town, buy specialities of Phu Quoc at Duong Dong market
  • Have dinner, come back to the hotel.
  • Visit  Dinh Cau night market freely in the evening

Day 4: Visit the North of Island  –  Observe the Sea frontier of Cambodia

Bai Dai, Phu Quoc (via Vietravel)
  • Have breakfast at the hotel, tourists will visit the North Island by cars.
  • Visit Khu Tuong pepper garden( famous territory for pepper in Phu Quoc)
  • Go throught the Origin Forest to enjoy fresh air and photograph the tall old trees
  • Visit the Vietnamese Hero Nguyen Trung Truc in the North Island.
  • Seabathing, observe the Sea frontier of Campodia, take a rest, have lunch.
  • Visit Bai Dai (Long beach – this is the most beautiful and uninhabited beach in the world)
  • Come back to the hotel, seabathing –  have dinner.
  • Tourists enjoy yourselves or join in the activities of the fishermen in the island in the evening (self-sufficient cost)

Day 5: Say goodbye Phu Quoc

In the morning: Take a rest or go shopping at Duong Dong market. Have breakfast, seabathing freely, make procedure shell-out room. Tourists will be taken to Phu Quoc Airport by car, make the procedure to get in the plane. Be back to Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City – See you again.

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