Must-visit restaurants in Phu Quoc (P4)


Your Mango Bay setting

Sakura Restaurant is also at Ong Lang beach and it’s a cheerful spot with great Vietnamese food delivered with very sweet service. Enjoy chicken, pork or beef stir-fry for 90,000 dong or with seafood for 150,000 dong. Our fresh prawns with coconut milk sauce was a generous portion and delicious. Sakura is located on the same beach access road to Mango Bay Resort and Mia B&B.

On the east coast, Bai Sao beach is popular with daytrippers and if you’re one of them, The Beach House, located beside My Lan Resort, will satisfy cravings for German, Italian and other Western fare. There’s an extensive pizza menu with plenty of topping options, and a medium starts at 95,000 dong.

Places to eat in Phu Quoc via Bai Thom Beach resort

And if you like meat and potatoes, there’s Frankfurters, bratwurst, curry wurst, schnitzel and a few other hearty dishes that will send you into a coma on your sun lounger. For something a bit lighter, five different fresh salads are on offer for 95,000 dong. Bai Sao has a few restaurants that cater to domestic tourists and large groups – we found the service to be poor, the food overpriced and the ambience was either dead or pure chaos. If you’ve got a hankering for Vietnamese food on Bai Sao, you’ll find them.

Serious seafood-foodies, we have a tip for you. Ham Ninh is famed for giant crabs. One local told us to buy them there straight from the boat or at the market, then any restaurant can cook them for you any way you like for a small fee.

  • The Beach House: Bai Sao beach, beside My Lan Resort; T: (077) 397 2123;
  • Buddy Ice Cream & Info Cafe: 6 Bach Dang Street, opposite the Marina, Duong Dong town; T: (077) 3994 181;; open daily 08:00-22:00.
  • Com Bac: So 77 Duong 30/4 Street, Duong Dong town; T: (0943) 670 798;; open daily 09:00-22:00.
  • La Caffe Deli: Tran Hung Dao & Vo Thi Sau, beside Rainbow Divers, Duong Dong town; open daily.
  • Mango Bay Resort: Ong Lang beach; T: (077) 3981 693;;
Places to eat in Phu Quoc via Phu Quoc Resorts

  • The Pepper Tree Restaurant: La Veranda Resort, Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach, Duong Dong; T: (0297) 398 2988;;
  • Phuong Binh House/The Sunset Grill: Alley 118, Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach, Duong Dong; T: (077) 3994 101;;; open daily 07:30-22:30.
  • Sakura Restaurant: Ong Lang village; T: (077) 6294 856; open daily 07:00-22:00.
  • Song Xanh: Duong 30/4, Ward KP1, Duong Dong; T: 077) 370 2929.
  • Winston’s Burgers & Beer: 121/1Tran Hung Dao, KP7, Duong Dong; T: (0126) 390 1093; open daily 13:00-21:00.

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